Monday, October 12, 2009


What's your take on studio webcams?
If you are on air, do you like the thought that the listener can watch you go about your business, or is it something that gives you the shivers!
I've often thought it must be a bit of a let down for a punter - really all we are doing in the studio is sitting or standing there looking at computer screens. Nothing too exciting to look at really.
I also always had a problem with the fact that it can take the 'magic' away from radio. Now they can see you, so therefore they don't need to imagine you.
I've never had a webcam on in a studio I've been in, just because I would rather not. Personal preference.
But (!), having said that - I enjoy seeing other people's studios in action.
I got thinking about this after spending a while on the Real Radio site where they have a live stream from the studio cam and I have to say I found it sort of interesting. They've been mentioning the camera a lot on air as well - so it's sort of become part of the station's image. Occasionally the presenters even 'perform' for the camera during links. It's almost like a secret nod and wink to the viewer.
Real Radio WebCam.
Absolute Radio London.

BBC Radio 1.
It is strangely interesting, isn't it !?