Saturday, October 10, 2009

90s Network.

I've been getting a few emails in the last 24 hours asking why The 90s Network website isn't live.
Well, the deal is that at the moment the station is using a '' address while they wait for the regular dot com to come back online for them. That would explain that, wouldn't it?
Good luck to Mike O'Brien and his dedicated crew as they launch on another run of this station. It really started to develop an identity during the late stages of it's life last time and I know that the guys behind it have taken all of that experience and are using it to make this one stronger.
The presenters have been given lots and lots of support and encouragement, the programming team have a very definite plan in place and the imaging is top notch (have you noticed that imaging on temp stations is incredibly strong)?

So, head over to and take a listen yourself.