Wednesday, October 21, 2009

5 Live.

More BBC news.
Wogan's off to weekends (he'll be brillinat there) and now 5 Live have a new weekday roster.
Starting off with Gabby Logan (her dad is Terry Yorath y'know - used to play for Wales)!
Well, she's gone and landed herself the mid afternoon gig from 12 to 2pm.
Gabby Logan.
Then, it's Richard Bacon taking over. He's finally been brought off the late nights. When I was working shifts last year, I tuned his way in the car driving home and got to like his style quite a lot. He'll be a nice addition to the daytime listen IMHO. Plus, his podcast pleas for the gig seem to have worked a treat ;-)
Richard Bacon.
So who takes Bacon's old gig? 5 Live fill-in man Tony Livesey (10:30pm to 1am). See...there is reward for filling in ! OK, so he'll have to give up the local BBC morning gig (!).
Tony Livesey.