Thursday, October 1, 2009


Really sorry for the great people at INN.
The service is to end on October 30th, down to the "fall-off in advertising revenue".
The 16 employees were told this afternoon by management.
No doubt radio stations will learn to cope and just get on with things,but that's not what i want to talk about.
It's the people, as always:
Noel Fogarty - a legend in the evenings. Most people working on Irish commercial radio have waited for the cue tones to come down the line and then heard the deep tones say "It's ten o'clock..." and off Noel would go rolling his "r's" and stretching is vowels. Work of art !
My pal Adam Ledwith (who I used to call 'Adam Ledwith-with-with') is one of the strongest and most versatile news people I have seen.
It's a lot for these people to take in right now and I think they deserve the time to lick their wounds and figure out their future.
Good luck guys and hope to hear you all back on air without any gap at all.