Thursday, April 30, 2009

98 May 1st.

So what's the big announcement from Dublin's 98 tomorrow?
Well, don't look at me - I dunno!
The smart money is on The Fugitive coming back...but again, I have no clue.
98 have always been great at stringing the hype for a couple of weeks with a pre-tease and they're at it again.
Dublin's a tough market and anything a station can do to help them stand out needs to be done.
I'll be listening to the Crew in the morning to find out...damn, they got me!!

It's Christmas.

More stunting.
Another station on the verge of a format change - Smooth Jazz 105.5 KJZN in Fresno.
Word is they may go All Talk...well we'll find out tomorrow as that's when the flip is scheduled to take place.
In the meantime, what are these guys playing on air? Why, Christmas music, of course! What else??
Ah, I'm getting in the mood already.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You're In Trouuuublee !

Nigerian radio station Adaba FM has been fined by the country's version of the BCI/Ofcom/FCC/CRTC for "broadcasting materials that were capable of inciting members of the public to violence and breakdown of law and order".
The fine amounts to around €3,000 to be paid May 8th...only problem is, the National Broadcasting Commission didn't say exactly what the station did...maybe played the really rude version of 'Poker Face' (?).
Adaba FM covers politics in seven states in Nigeria.

I bet Larry Gogan never caused a problem like this ;-)

Quote Of The Week.

There I am, listening to the Fighting Talk podcast from 5Live...the debate is about how different sports figures would smell if they were animals (naturally).
The best?
Argentina and Man Utd player Carlos Tevez "would smell like a wet dog".

Carlos Tevez..................Wet Dog.

Cool Car !

Nice bit of video from the recent Cool FM / Downtown Radio car giveaway from Belfast.
Can't beat sticking the footage online for all to see...even if there are sponsor mentions all over the place, but ya gotta pay the sponsor ;-)


I have been asked by some people to put out a quick message for the folks who have been let go after the latest round of ClearChannel cuts.
These are radio people just like you and me, who have had the rug pulled from under their feet and are, obviously, on the hunt for new positions.
I think most of us have been there at one time or another - job ends, now what? It can be scary and daunting.
These are radio people who want to stay in radio...they don't want to work in a bank or a car dealership or a solicitors office. They love radio and know they have somethng to contribute.
So - if you hear of anything going (no matter how big or small), if you pass it to me privately, then I can pass it along the line.
I know we would all appreciate it if it was done for us...
Thanks a million on their behalf.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Clear Out.

ClearChannel kicked off phase two of their massive layoffs today : 590 people from programming, engineering and IT. Yikes.
That's 2,440 jobs so far this year (they own around 900 stations).
Stations losing staff include:
Mix 102.9 Dallas - Late night presenter gone.
Q101.9 San Antonio - PD gone.
Z107.7 St. Louis -Late night presenter gone.
WVKS Toledo - APD/Afternoon presenter gone.
KUSS San Diego - PD and Breakfast team gone.
Mix 106.5 Cleveland -Breakfast team gone.

No fun :-(
Best wishes to these and all others today.

No More Kung Pao!

Last week we had the great stunt by WXMM in Norfolk Va in the States...they became Kung Pao 1005, playing Chinese Hits, with a Chinese-style website.
Well, now they have officially flipped from the previous Rock format as 100.5 Max FM to CHR Hot 100.5.

The website is (sort of ) up with the new logo.

All Heart.

June 22nd sees nine more stations in the UK come under the Heart umbrella. That'll make a grand total of five hundred and twenty seven...or maybe it just seems that way!
They're certainly taking over, aren't they?Makes perfect financial sense of course - the problem is it's less jobs for presenters. Never happy with that.
Have you heard any of the newly launched ones locally? I wonder how they're fitting in with teir markets?
The next batch of stations are:
Ocean FM, Southern FM, Invicta, Coast 96.3, Essex FM, Marcher Sound, ,2CR, Buzz 97.1 and Champion 103.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Beat / WLR.

Yeah, I'm a bit of a video junkie. I love radio station tours and video airchecks (no kidding)!
This one is closer to home - WLR and Beat102103 in Waterford. Including Beat breakfast man Niall Power, who I used to work with in 98FM back in the day (whatever day that was)!

Station Of The Day.

More FM - New Zealand.
Soft Hits from this multi-city Kiwi station.

And The Countdown Continues!!

It's Casey Kasem's birthday today - he's 77.
I remember listening to his countdown show in the 80s and used to love the way he introduced 'Doo-ran Doo-ran'. Then there was his sign off - "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars".Italic
Some Casey facts:Italic
* First station WJBK Detroit.
* He started American Top 40 in 1970.
* As welll as Shaggy on Scooby Doo, he has voiced characters for Sesame Street and Transformers.
* Received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1981.
* Inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.

And the hits just keep on comin'...


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Station Of The Day.

New York's Pulse 87.7FM (WNYZ).

"New York's hottest dance music radio station, featuring today's latest hits and exclusive remixes from around the globe.".

Moyles Says He's Staying.

Chris Moyles doesn't appear to be in a hurry to move anywhere. The rumours have been flying for the past couple of weeks about him, but now it seems he told the Daily Mirror that he would hang on as Radio 1 breakfast host until at least next year.
"Apart from anything, there's no one else. I'm the best. Scott Mills would be all right - but he wouldn't be as good as me. But it doesn't make any difference because I am not going. I'm not leaving."
That would appear to be that then.
Link from digitalspy is here:

Saturday, April 25, 2009

What an advert!!

I haven't seen this ad in quite a while and just stumbled upon it again today during a search. This is just sheer class.
If you've seen it before (which I know loads of people have) then maybe just enjoy it one more time.
If it's new to you - then enjoy.
OK, hit it ! :

Need an English Accent?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Frank Loses the Lamp.

Did you hear the call from Chelsea footballer Frank Lampard to LBC London presenter James O'Brien?
Frank called in after he was accused of not looking after his children properly...(I think Frank wins)!
The whole call is on the LBC website:

Local Radio.

Here's a tour of a new local radio station in the town of Drumheller Alberta, Canada. It's called DrumFM (catchy).

Dutch Radio.

Thanks to MediaNetwork, here are the top performers in the Dutch Radio market.
538 back on top after taking over from Radio 2.

Radio 538 11.1 (10.6)
Radio 2 10.7 (10.8)
Sky Radio 9.1 (9.2)
Radio 3FM 7.9 (7.7)
Radio 1 7.0 (7.1)
Q-music 6.9 (unchanged)
Radio Veronica 5.6 (5.8)
100%NL 3.0 (2.9)
Radio 10 Gold 2.6 (2.7)
Radio 5 2.5 (2.3)
Arrow Classic Rock 2.3 (2.7)
Classic FM 2.2 (unchanged)
Radio 4 1.9 (unchanged)
Slam!FM 1.8 (1.7)
BNR Nieuwsradio 0.8 (unchanged)
Arrow Jazz FM 0.7 (unchanged)
TMF Radio 0.3 (unchanged)
Kink FM 0.3 (0.2)
Radio 6 0.2 (unchanged)

Awesome Stunt.

This is the best one I've seen in ages.
Thanks to the folks at RadioInsight for this one:
100.5 MaxFM from Norfolk Va have begun stunting as Kung Pao 100.5.
Format - Classic Chinese Hits!
The website has titles such as:
On Air / The People's Party / Insurgent Club.
The strapline is:
Kung Pao 100.5 : You Will Listen.
Very Non-PC (in fact some of it reeeealy so), but it got my attention.

Oh by the way, when you listen to live really is Chinese music.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Joe Dough.

Canadian station Joe FM had the city of Edmonton talking the other day, as they brought one of their female employees out onto the streets to hand out $100 bills to punters.
She went into coffee shops, bus stops and what-not while travelling around in a limo. You can imagine that people would notice alright.
Got the station enough publicity to warrent a few mentions...nice one. A bit of world wide exposure for a thousand bucks or so? Not bad.

New X Brek Jock.

Alex Zane is only out the door, but the new XFM breakfast presenter has been named as former Country 1035 man Ian Camfield. The gig runs from 7a-11am.
He will also continue to do The Rock Show on Sundays on X London and Manchester.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

98's Lady GaGa.

OK, there have been a lot of Lady GaGa spoof songs recently...this is one of the funniest IMHO.
Dermot and Dave from 98's Morning Crew sing about Dublin suburb - Carrickmines.

Chris Evans Book.

I'd be interested in reading this...Chris Evans autobiography out later this year it seems:


This is the ad campaign run by WFLZ Tampa Florida that Britney SpearsBold took exception to...wonder why???

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cork Community Radio.

There will be a fundraiser in Cork on Friday May 1st. It's being held by the folks who are working on getting a Community Radio licence for the city.
The event is an evening with comedy hypnotist Paul Dee and will take place in the Rochestown Park Hotel from 8pm (late bar and DJ after).
Price in is €15 and the proceeds will go towards the licence application...which can be fairly expensive.
More info by emailing me

I have no part in this and am just passing on the info as it's sent my way...but a good cause if you are passionate about radio in Cork.

UK Prep Forum.

I was pointed towards this site today...never heard of it before.
It's called and by the looks of the volume of threads, it seems pretty popular.
Maybe take a look round when you get the chance and (as always) make your own mind up.


XFM London breakfast guy Alex Zane is now the X-breakfast guyBold after ‘hanging up his headphones’.
The term used by management was ‘by mutual consent’.
No doubt he’ll be OK as he has lots of irons in the fire.
So you know what that means…there’s a gig going?!?
You applying for it?

Monday, April 20, 2009

RNL New Site.

New Raidío na Lifé website looks snazzy...

Oops !

Well, we're not all perfect :-)
Click to see the bigger version of 'Continous' Country. Doh !

Friday, April 17, 2009

Couple of things.

Here's the logo for the new Spanish station in LA that has tken lease of the 93.9 frequency from Rick Dees' old outlet Movin. Exitos 93.9 launched last night.
There's a nice 'goodbye' message on

Plus, Amp Radio has kind of appeared in Florida. WOMX Mix 105.1's HD2 service is now called of a half attempt to see how it goes, I'd imagine.
Do people listen to HD? Word I'm getting is that the answer is 'no'.
Amp takes over from the previous All 80s format on HD2.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Great Ad.

Thanks to Dara for sending this one my it :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Just a quick one about the upcoming Presenter Workshops.
June 6th we will be in Dublin and June 27th it's London.
I will be able to announce the guest speakers for both Workshops within the week.

Robin Banks will be co-hosting the London event with me. We enjoyed a really wonderful day at our Manchester Workshop a few weeks ago and I'm delighted to be able to work beside Robin again.

Registration for London opened today and interest is high.
Dublin registration is open now.
These are part of the continuing Spring/Summer Workshop series.

If you would like details or just want to ask a question, email away!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Ah, the Bus !

I wonder is it Damien doing the snazzy camera work??

Sunday, April 12, 2009

More Power To Them.

Hope their weekend went well :-)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lou News.

Nice to hear that Louise Heraghty is appearing on NewsTalk this morning at 10:30am. Can't be long before Lou is snapped up by a major station - too good a talent and too nice a person to be off air for long.
Brillinat having you back Louise :-)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Voice Tracking.

It's the way it is in lots of markets...especially in North America - The VT!
Here is Anthony Gettig in the studio 'laying down' the weekend tracks for Way FM Kalamazoo.

Video Aircheck from Anthony Gettig on Vimeo.

Heart 1000.

Jamie Theakston and Harriet Scott celebrate their 1000th breakfast show on Heart 106.2 London.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Music Week Awards (UK).

Winners were announced yesterday in London is the one that interests radio folk:
National Radio Station of the Year
BBC Radio 2.
Blimey, they gone and done it:-)
Radio 2 was up against Radio 1, Planet Rock, 6 Music and Classic FM.

Regional Radio Station of the Year
Radio City
They beat Heart 106.2 London, BBC Radio kent, Rock FM and Clyde 1.
Well done to all in the very tall building on Merseyside !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Classy Dees.

I love Rick Dees' attitude.
This pic from his phone shows him arriving at work on his final day at Movin 93.9 to find the new owners aleady moved in !!
Shabby way to treat a legend, but look at the smile on his face...the man's an inspiration.

Beat 2 Strangers.

There's more!
Parts 2-7 are on the website:

Sunday, April 5, 2009

1984 Stern TV Interview.

Love the hair :-)
Howard Stern on the Midday Live show in'84.

What Makes a Great Radio Presenter?

Here's what Lesley Douglas (former BBCRadio 2 Head) had to say in yesterday's Guardian:

"Radio is a way of binding people together. At its best, it is magical. I remember, as a child, listening to Radio Luxembourg under the blankets on my transistor radio, and later James Whales' late-night phone-in on Metro. When I first left home and lived in Manchester, it was Piccadilly Radio and presenters such as Phil Wood and Mike Sweeney who made me feel part of a new, strange city. And then, when I moved to London, Chris Tarrant was London for me - I could not have imagined getting up and off to work without him (and desperately hoping he would pick my birthday on the Birthday Bonanza).
Listening to Tarrant made me aware that a lot of radio presentation is about pace; it is as much about silence as it is about sound. The most gifted presenters can say little, yet have the listener hanging on every word. Chris Evans is a lesson in how to connect with people. His listeners lived through his wedding, his house move and the birth of his son - he shared his joy, and listeners responded. On 6 Music, Adam and Joe lay bare the mechanisms of radio to great comic effect. In speech radio, the skill of John Humphrys and Evan Davis in explaining and probing the issues of the day is one of the great things about radio.

The traditional radio mantra is that you speak to one person, no matter how many millions are out there. You hear it with Jamie Theakston and Christian O'Connell; Geoff Lloyd does it brilliantly on Absolute. Words matter, too. That is why listening to a true wordsmith such as Guy Garvey on 6 Music - yes, Guy Garvey from Elbow - is the audio equivalent of lying in a warm bath: his turn of phrase, his soft tone, his passion for music.
And who could fail to be moved by the monumental achievement of Chris Moyles's trek up Kilimanjaro. As a listener you lived through his training, shared his doubts and revelled in his triumph. He talked, on the day he returned to his Radio 1 breakfast show, about his newly found "good guy" status.
Towering above the whole of entertainment/music radio is Terry Wogan. He sets the bar. No other broadcaster can start a sentence with James Joyce and end it with Midsomer Murders. Who else can throw Latin quotations into a link along with his newsreader's obsession with sailing and sheds? He works at every level - the profound and the ordinary. He is an iron fist of humour in the satin glove of delivery; he has one of the greatest voices in the UK, and one of the swiftest minds. If radio is said to have better pictures than television, the proof is in listening to Wogan describing the sun rising over London's rooftops. Great presenters simply make the everyday better".

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dees is Movin'

Movin 93.9 is movin' off the radar and taking Rick Dees with it.
The LA station is flipping to a Spanish format and that means no hablo Espanol for Rick.
The new station will be called Exitos 93.9.

He's been on mornings with the station since 2006, but isn't downhearted about it...anything but!
“My three-year contract runs until September, and Emmis is honoring it. Radio is just one way to get content today. A week from Monday (April 13), we are launching a 24-hour radio channel at It is young-centric Top 40 radio. It will be launched first over http://www.rick.comand then it will be available to terrestrial radio, broadband and so forth,” he said.
Even more interesting is the deal made to facilitate the flip. Grupo Radio Centro is the Mexican company behind the move, however they are not allowed to actually own a US radio station. So they are going to lease the frequency from Emmis for (get this) €7 million a year! Not only that, but the initial payment for the first two years is $14million !! Now that's a good piece of business...even I can see that one.

Friday, April 3, 2009

A Day in The Life...

McColl On 4...Friday April 3rd 2009.

11:45 - Walked into the 4FM building and Cathy Cregan tells me they were comparing my shirts to Nelson Mandela's on the Breakfast Show this morning. Thanks guys (!?). Sitting at my so-called desk now with Gareth O'Callaghan opposite me and Jim Kenny working on the music. Big coffee and start on the show prep. Conversation about what our favoourite current music is...I love Lady GaGa - oh yeah, very hip for an old guy !!

12:10 - Jimmy Greeley is off the air and now we're talking about favourite concerts...might actually get some work done today too!! Uh-oh, Jim is playing the theme tune from 'Minder' on his computer. Dangerous territory :-)

12:50 - Working on the music for the Oldies Hour. Songs today are requested by Sinead McDonald from Limerick. We have Edison Lighthouse, Steppenwolf, ABC, Boz Scaggs, Sweet and John Lennon in the system so far. 3pm is when that kicks off.
More about the gig here:

13:20 - Head of Music here, Gerry Stevens, is looking over the Oldies Hour while I have a sandwich (Turkey and salad, if you must know)!.

13:45 - In the Green Room here waiting to go on air. Kiberd's producer Alan is practicing his basketball moves throwing paper into the bin (missed) between talking to Dave Heffernan on the talkback. Dave is on for Kiberd today.

14:02 - In studio now. First song is Ry Cooder 'Little Sister'. Get comfy in the seat and adjust the screens in front to my liking (very particular)!
14:04 - First link done and dusted :-)

14:06 - Text from a listener: "What wavelength can i get radio 4 on n mayo"...BBC radio 4????? Niamh is PA today outside the studio. Tom McGurk in other studio doing a pre-rec for today's show at 5pm.

14:17 - Opening phone lines for the Big 4 Quiz.

14:20 - Text "Hello.What a great song". Someone likes the Four Seasons :-)

14:29 - Just played the Big 4 Quiz with Mike Ryan in Galway. Nice fella, he got 7 out of 10 and ties for the lead this week. Good fun that quiz...I enjoy doing it as it's all about having fun and chatting. Right - Simon and Garfunkel nearly over. Into the ad break next. Must promote Catriona dot com and the website of the day. On in ten minutes or so. Cold in the studio...will bump up the temp in a second.

14:48 - Catriona's website was, where people can make up alternative storylines and endings to TV shows and movies. Got three and a half minute link talking about it. Am now 47 seconds over time for the hour...must trim something somewhere !!
14:56 - Faded the last 10 seconds of Patti LaBelle 'On My Own'. News Jingle hits at 15:00:09 now. A bit better.

14:58 - Punter text: "Liz wates ,,finglas love your music love the station". Listeners to this station are very positive. Nice change.

15:01 - In news now. No harm done! Next is the Oldies Hour with songs requested by Sinead McDonald from Limerick. Forgot to up the studio temp...but feels fine now. Weird !!

15:10 - McGurk lurking around the green room looking for papers...or maybe jelly beans :-)

15:13 - McGurk back at his desk now. My Twitter is going mad today...replying to folks during next song.

15:15 - I was just about to talk up the intro to Steppenwolf, when instead- on comes Toyah ' I Want To Be Free'!! Gerry Stevens had literally just inserted it into RCS from outside the studio as I was linking. Funny stuff. Thank God I'm such a pro !?! :-)

15:30 - McGurk producer Helen is in next studio editing. I'm eating a banana !
15:30 - Some texts I don't understand - "4 fm has only 2 letters sir..thanks mags". Can't argue with that :-)

15:40 - I'm minus 36 seconds on the hour, which is perfect. Not a lot of talking between 3 and 4. Means I'll get all of the scheduled songs in. Don't like dropping songs in the Oldies Hour. Four more to go after this one.

15:44 - Studio speakers are on full blast - Visage 'Fade To Grey'....Oh Yeah :-)

15:49 - One good thing about this studio is that nobody disturbs you. You're left to do your thing without distractions. I definitely appreciate that.

15:52 - Nearly blew my ears off with the headphones there...didn't realise I had them turned up so loud. Yikes....not good for the long term health of my hearing !! Was it worth it to intro the Thompson Twins???
15:53 - News coming in at 15:59:20, which is perfect. Bernie will be ready to read anyway...she's always there five minutes before the bulletin, which is great. One more song before news and then Hook the 4pm: Big talk break after second song, two traffics, a text survey, cross-over with McGurk and a couple of 'bits' if I have time.

16:00 - Oh yeah - news hit bang on the hour...little victories :-) The mic sounds great. It's a Neumann something or other. It's big! I like.

16:04 - Al Dunne and Alan Metcalfe outside in reception...someone should give them a job !!
16:05 - "Hi to mark hussey and eric o grady in limerick .love the station"...ain't folks nice.
16:05 - Bernie is back in the news booth next door to my left, ready for our talkie bit at :10.

16:13 - Bernie's great...what a brilliant laugh. We did The Story That Didn't Make The News...about police being politically correct in the UK. I enjoyed it anyway ! Two songs, then ad break and traffic with Helen. Will give her the five minute warning at :18 - she's outside working on McGurk's show at the moment. Traffic BED lasts 3:05, we use about 1:10 of it.

16:19 - McGurk just came in to the studio to bump the temp up to 22. He likes his warmth :-) He's funny.
16:20 - Ad break. Traffic has been bumped to :27 now. Move Wet Wet Wet up one.
16:24 - Must re-set my timing now that traffic is delayed...hmmm, what to do? Move a few songs? Minute twenty left on this, then traffic BED.

16:29 - Traffic done. Did a bit with Helen about how to tell the age of your car if it was human, (then into traffic). I know; the things you end up talking about. Total link duration three minutes ten seconds.

16:34 - McGurk crossover link coming up soon. Meantime, read some texts from the daily survey question.

16:37 - Just saw Gareth O'Callaghan walk back in. Hope he grabbed some sleep - long day.

16:39 - RCS just seized
16:40 - Back up and running now.

16:44 - In mid link about a text response and McGurk walks in, sits down and just joins in the converstaion as if he was there all along. Deadly. Good crossover. Total duration of link was two minutes twenty. Am -1:32 on the hour but can make that up with next traffic at :52.

16:50 - Niamh is on the :52 traffic. Get a minute on it and the timing will work.

16:53 - News kicking in at +20...that's grand. Last link and I'm done.

Adios :-)

Manchester Workshop DVD.

The DVD of the Manchester Presenter Workshop will be available soon.
Produced by Blue Revolution in London, it will feature the very best content from the day including topics such as:
Hooking and Teasing
Crutches and Cliches
Word Economy
How to do great Phones
Speak to ,not at, your listener
How to plan your career as a professional
Structuring you links
Plus lots more !

Pre-order your copy at


Birmingham's Aston FM are to re-brand as Big City Radio.

The Now brand hits Vegas, as 'Fresh 102.7' becomes '102.7 Now'.

Another internet streaming source for you: radiopaq

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Vancouver Ratings...

...for my Canadian friends who stop by here every day :-)

S1 09 / S4 08 / Change.

CBU : 11 / 9.9 / +1.1 CBC AM690 Full Service
CKNW : 10.1 / 12.4 / -2.3 CKNW98 NewsTalk
CHQM : 8.8 / 7.6 / +0.8 QMFM Soft AC
CFBT : 7.6 / 7.0 / -0.6 The Beat CHR
CBU-FM: 6.8 / 5.3 / +1.5 CBC FM Arts
CKWX : 6.8 /5.4 / +1.4 News1130 All News
CJJR : 6.3 / 5.4 / +0.9 JRfm New Country
CFMI : 6.3 / 6.2 / +0.1 Rock 101
CKLG : 6.1 / 6.3 / -0.2 Jack FM
CKZZ : 4.8 / 4.8 / - Virgin 953Bold
CFOX : 3.8 / 3.9 / -0.1 99.3 The Fox Rock
CKCL : 3.9 / 3.6 / +0.3 fm104.9 Oldies
CKST : 4.0 / 3.4 / +0.6 Team1040 Sports
KWPZ : 1.9 / 1.4 / -0.5 Praise 1065 Christian
CFUB : 1.8 /1.5 / +0.3 14C-FUN Talk
CISL : 3.3 / 1.1 / + 2.1 AM650 Adult Std.
CHMJ : 0.7 / 0.6 / +0.1 AM730 All Traffic
CKPK : 1.0 / - / +1.0 The Peak Triple A
CBUF : 0.2 /0.2 / - Radio Canada (French)

No change in numbers for Virgin after their re-launch from 95 Crave.
Format flip seems to have done well for CISL from Oldies to Adult Standards.
CKNW dropped significantly...could this be the predicted slide for them?
CBC performed superbly on AM and FM.
News 1130's numbers will give heart to AM broadcasters as they break into the Top 6.
Both Rock stations seem to be stagnating.
CKCL flipping from Clear FM to Oldies has had an impact.
The Peak had a 1 share in their first ever book.


Thought I might do a live-type blog tomorrow from the 4FM studios...y'know, what's going on behind the scenes (as they say), the music being played, people coming in and out...that sort of thing.
What do you reckon...worth the effort, or is that what Twitter's for ???

OK, well I've received some emails and texts in the last few hours basically saying 'Go on' and 'Sure why not' etc! So, I will :-)
Blogging starts around noon-ish tomorrow (after I get a Starbucks Grande Estima into my system)!
Could be a bit of fun.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Streaming Audio Toolbar.

This may be worth a's a Streaming Internet Radio Toolbar for online listening (obviously), as well as watch Web TV and use your Social Networking sites.
If you're like me, then it's quite possible you don't have room on your screen for another toolbar ! However, new ones are always worth a look, I reckon.
Maybe make space for it if you feel it's worth your while.
This is how it looks on my desktop.