Monday, November 24, 2008

Wogan to replace Ross?

This from yesterday's Mail On Sunday:
Sir Terry Wogan is being lined up to take over Jonathan Ross’s Saturday morning Radio 2 show, The Mail on Sunday has learned.
BBC sources said yesterday that high-level discussions have taken place that will lead to Ross being ‘phased out’ of presenting the programme in favour of Sir Terry.
One of the major reasons is that Ross, 48, is unlikely to be allowed to broadcast live when he returns to the Corporation on January 24 after his 12-week suspension.

According to one respected BBC presenter, he will be so heavily policed that radio broadcasting will cease to be a ‘pleasure’ for him.
The radical plan, part of wider scheduling changes at Radio 2, will see Sir Terry give up his weekday show to host Ross’s three-hour Saturday slot. It is understood the70-year-old veteran will be offered a Sunday morning programme as well, if he wants it.
The BBC insider said: ‘Jonathan Ross is going to be phased out. This has been discussed at high levels within the BBC. There is a lot of anger towards him at Radio 2. Presenter Jeremy Vine is on record as saying he cannot see how he’ll ever come back. Others feel the same.