Friday, November 13, 2009


So the JNLR's came out yesterday. Hope everyone is pleased with their numbers. Although, we never fully are, are we.
In some cases if we go up we can feel as though we 'dodged a bullet'. Othertimes people will say "That's me employed for another three months!" and so on.
As Debbie Allen from Q102 puts it : It's like getting the leaving cert results every three months.
For high pressure shows like the breakfast gigs and big profile talk programmes, it is quite unnerving. The sightest movement can make all the difference. I've known some folk to have restless nights leading up to the book.
The JNLR isn't the world's greatest ratings system, we know that - but it's all we have, so we need to take notice of it as a barometer of sorts. Is the North American PPM system better (every month)? Who knows.
All I know is that radio is strong in this country and listeners are still talking about it. It's still relevant in this part of the world and that's down to presenters, producers, programmers and everyone involved in the business here.
Ratings? Sure they're important but they come and go. I'ver had some stinker books and then some amazing ones...and I'm still alive to tell the tale !
It's like anything in radio: some people will like you, some will dislike you and the rest are unaware of you. The unaware group is the one who's attention you want to get!
Anyway, no numbers breakdown from me this time - I'm sure you have sources for that.
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