Sunday, June 22, 2008


I met up with some of my old associates from Atlantic 252 the other day - Dusty Rhodes, Sandy Beech and Captain Kevin Palmer. You know, seeing those guys again, just reminded me of what an amazing crew we had working on that station in the mid 90's. Those three chaps have all gone onto be major forces in the industry, and have also maintained their dignity, humility and sense of humour. We can all learn a lot from people like them.
It got me thinking of other ex-Atlantic jocks. Rick O'Shea is now one of Ireland's most listened to presenters, Hollywood Haze has been a major hit on Cork's 96FM for several years (now working as Stave Haze), then there is Bam Bam, PizzaMan and one genius called Robin Banks.
Robin certainly has been around the block a few times, working at Virgin and Kiss London among many others.
Now I'm happy to say that he has popped up again - this time at Leicester Sound in England.
One thing Robin is, is unpredictable.
If you want to hear original and unique radio, I would easily suggest putting an ear his way, weekday mornings from 6am for Banks@Breakfast.
Website is:

Knock yourself out Robin !


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Morning Mouth Magazine.

BmacMedia hooks up with 'The Morning Mouth' magazine.

The next edition of the American monthly radio industry magazine 'The Morning Mouth' contains one of my articles entitled 'Six Steps'.
I'm delighted to appear in this amazing magazine as I have always regarded it as one of the finest reads for radio presenters around the world. It's full of interviews with personalities as well as articles by established radio thinkers.
Grab a copy and you'll see what I mean.

BmacMedia and 'Morning Mouth' - sounds good !